New 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold

New 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold Introducing the next-gen Nike Mercurial Superfly. The Nike Mercurial Superfly Euro 2016 Football Boots boast a striking design, unveiled today ahead of the Euro in France next month. Cristiano Ronaldo will headline the fifth generation of the Nike Mercurial Superfly Soccer Boots which was launched as part of Nike's Spark Brilliance football boot collection. In April 2014, Nike revealed the all-new Nike Mercurial Superfly 2014 World Cup Boots. Two years after the launch of the first-ever Nike Mercurial Superfly Boots with the Dynamic Fit collar, Nike finally released the next generation of the cutting-edge speed boot.

Unique New 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold The Nike Flyknit upper was re-engineered as well. The new edition has a raised 'speed rib' with individual ribs of varying thicknesses from 1 millimeter to 2.5 millimeters in the forefoot. The new textured design provides better control between the cleat and ball. The folks at Nike just continue to up the bar when it comes to boots. The Nike Mecurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats are uniquely awesome. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo are wearing the Superfly, so you know these boots are great. They are designed for attacking players who love to score. These are can't miss shoes, so get a pair today! The main color for these awesome boots is Total Crimson, while Volt makes up the secondary features. Nike has their Swoosh logo on the upper of these boots, giving you a bump in the style game. These boots are designed for firm ground surfaces.

The inner lining of the boot is a smooth synthetic that is meant to allow the Flyknit to move and adjust how it will. While trying to rush this boot into 90 minutes straight out of the box could see some hot spots arise from friction with this synthetic, we found easing it in for a few sessions resulted in a pain-free break-in and a smooth ride. The rest of the boot involves either a padded synthetic (in the heel) or unencumbered Flyknit (the bulk of the collar and underneath the laces. Nike then takes the entire creation, and adds in their trusted Flywire. This helps make sure the Flyknit doesn't overstretch, helps aid massively in any rollover, and gives the boot a more locked-in feeling (especially after you lace them up). Luckily, it all combines to give you a great fit as soon as you slip your foot in the boot. The new dynamic fit collar gives the wearer an improved fit over past designs. The material for the collar is sock-like and offers better awareness in this area of the foot. With this additional awareness and comfort, players are able to stay in the game longer, and still have the superior protection. Unique New 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold,eanwhile the lightweight, compressed nylon plate mirrors your foot for natural comfort while a new updated stud configuration gives you the ideal balance of traction, torque and comfort. Fly past defenders and score incredible goals like Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez and Chicharito when you shop the new Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG soccer shoes from soccerloco.

Whilst previous Superfly generations have prided themselves on their carbon fibre sole plate, providing a stiff yet highly responsive platform of performance, Nike made the executive decision to revolutionise their new Superfly V by adding a layered Nylon chassis outsole which not only ensured the boots remain responsive yet also decrease the sole plate weight by 40%. Compare Prices New 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats Black/Blue/Gold.

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